“Ms. Clonts, I like your sweater. It looks like the grass on a golf course.”

Kids compliments are funny, aren’t they?

Within a 24 hour period this week, I left my car keys in the front door, slept in my contacts (which never happens), and tried to pour myself a nice cup of coffee before I had actually brewed any coffee. I’m taking all of these as either signs of exhaustion or signs that I’m losing my mind.

I’m just thankful for the weekend at this point. I met my girlfriends for dinner and a movie last night! We ate at Takosushi and then saw The Descendents. I thought it was a really beautiful, thoughtful, well made film. But the lady behind us announced that it was “the worst movie I’ve ever seen,” so I’m thinking it isn’t for everyone. And a place that serves tacos and sushi? How could you go wrong? Thanks for a relaxing, fun end to the week, girls!

<3, Liz



Welp, it’s official. Prepping a house to sell is basically a full time job. The good news is that the paperwork has been signed and we are officially on the market. Our house should be listed on the real estate sites later this week. In the meantime, here’s the sneak peek!

In other news, we hung my district’s elementary art show last week in Lexington. It looks wonderful and I am so proud to work with such talented art teachers and students!

<3, Liz

oh hey

Aren’t my boys just the best looking fellas?

You know the hardest part of prepping our house for sale? Cleaning out closets!

I’ve donated tons of my clothes recently and packed up a bunch more for storage. It’s been rough. My bare-boned closet has me itching for a good shopping trip. But I’m fighting the urge.

Also, I’ve been into the show Being Human recently. It’s about a vampire, werewolf, and ghost who live together as roommates. It’s pretty dumb and kind of fun.

We’ve got a packed weekend ahead! Hope yours is wonderful!

<3, Liz

waxing poetic

So I made a batik with paraffin, muslin fabric, and acrylic paints. Not the most sophisticated technique, I know. Still fun to do.

I had it in my mind that I would use this fabric to make pillows for our couch, but I’m pretty sure it clashes terribly with the rug in front of said couch. So back to the drawing board. I’m saving my flower fabric, though. It’ll be pretty somewhere, someday.

<3, Liz


This weekend was phenomenal (and super busy).

Here’s the breakdown..

Saturday: Baby shower (Congrats, Kenny and Emily!), a family wedding (Congrats, Tara and Shaun!), and my aunt KK stayed the night with us! That’s my KK, cousin Rachel, and me at the wedding. Actually, Forrest photographed that wedding so I could’ve probably done a little better than a cell phone photo stolen from Facebook. Better luck next time.

Sunday: pajamas all day (literally) and theĀ  Wine and Song dinner at Rosso Trattoria all evening (completely fabulous). Here’s a shot of the band, Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess. They’re from Brooklyn and play really old-timey music. Yes, the girl was playing a washboard and singing! So different and so much fun!

Monday: Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day! Today’s a clean up, recover, and paint the patched drywall day.

Good story, huh?

May your week be short and productive and may your father-in-law email you a list of his best jokes for you to share with your students/friends/cat/anyone who’ll listen.

<3, Liz

steady the ship

I don’t get down with resolutions at the beginning of a year. Not because I don’t need/want to change things. I’m really just a flake and I forget to make resolutions. Also, why should I have to wait for the start of a year to commit to something?

So my only real resolution goal this year is to sell our house and move to another. We l-o-v-e this house, but we need a little more space for the cats to run free and maybe a bigger backyard for our tomatoes. We love Columbia and living downtown, so we’ll be looking at houses nearby- no drastic moves.

We met with a real estate agent yesterday. She’s awesome and I’m super jazzed about working with her through this process! That’s why I was MIA this week- I flew home from work every afternoon as quickly as I could to clean and organize. We’ve been donating and cleaning out for a while now, but before this week, selling our house was still an abstract idea. NOW we’ve had an agent check out our house and it’s real and it’s exciting…and it’s a little scary.

So that’s that. I’ll keep you posted on when our house actually goes on the market and we’ll see how it goes!

Hemingway is helping with the packing and the boxes, as usual.

For now, Hunter is over to watch football with F, we’re eating fancy ginger scallion noodles, and cookies are in the oven. Life is good.

<3, Liz

Welcome, 2012!

We headed down to Jacksonville to ring in the new year with our dear friends, Jon and Diana. Pierce flew in from Los Angeles to celebrate in Florida, as well! Also, maybe to see his girl Maura (by the way, it was super nice meeting you over the weekend, Maura!).
So we all celebrated together!

The weekend was filled with laughter, snuggles with Jax (the pup), a stroll down Little Talbot Island, and oh, so much food.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These photos don’t flow very well, but you get the main idea.

All in all, a very excellent way to start the year. I hope your 2012 has gotten off to a great start!

Happy New Year!

<3, Liz


spice combinations, unlimited!

In college, one of my favorite people in the world (aka Sonam) introduced me to Indian food. She led us to “the best” Indian buffet so we could try lots of things. I promptly broke a glass in that restaurant, but the food was delicious.

This is Sonam and me at a wedding a few years ago. Nowadays, Sonam is in Chicago doing her residency. Which is wonderful, but I miss her face!

Enough reminiscing! Tonight, Forrest and I checked out a new Indian restaurant here in Columbia called the Spice Junction. That’s right, folks, the spice combinations are unlimited. It’s in a strange location, but this place was awesome. The family running it was so helpful. The lovely lady behind the counter explained dishes to us and recommended sauces or curries to try with different things. Which is good, because we’re white and inexperienced and no, we really weren’t sure which sauce would go best on those samosas. As it turns out, just about anything tastes good on a samosa.

A steady stream of freshly cooked naan arrived hot at our table throughout our dinner. Perfectly fabulous.

It was all delicious. As Forrest put it “I haven’t tried a single thing that I wouldn’t eat a whole plate of.”

And no, Sonam, I don’t always think of you when I see an Indian. But I do miss you when we eat Indian food.

<3, Liz


Spice Junction is located at 2335 Augusta Road, near Hobby Lobby. I can’t find a website, but when you Google them, several very sweet reviews pop up.