Happy Holidays!

In case you weren’t on our mailing list for cards this year..


Hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays so far! Christmas was a crazy weekend for us. We traveled back and forth between my family (in Florence and Lamar) and Forrest’s family here in Columbia. It made for an eventful, fun celebration! And a lot of holiday sing-alongs in the car.

Over the last two days, we’ve been organizing and cleaning like crazy. Today I watched a little Hoarders while I filled our “donate” box. That show is the best inspiration EVER.

Also, I just finished my first graphic novel. Santa brought the first issue of The Walking Dead (who knew it was a book first?). I read the whole thing in one sitting. Maybe I like graphic novels? Nerd.

Hope your Christmas was relaxing and cheerful! I’ll post photos from our weekend adventures soon. Pinky promise.

<3, Liz


christmas eve eve

Happy Friday!

Today I’m feeling like a serious homebody. So I started a potato soup in the crock pot.

And I’m doing some last minute crafting and gift wrapping this afternoon. White Christmas is on tv and it’s got me dreaming of cooler weather (also tap shoes and dancing with Bing). The high today here is 70 degrees. It’s lovely spring weather, but hard to think about Christmas.

No chance of a white Christmas in South Carolina this year, but we DO have a snowflake thing going on with our wrapping this year.

Hope your day is lovely, merry, and bright!

<3, Liz


It’s Christmastime in the city.

On Monday, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law allowed me to join them on a shopping trip to Charleston. It was funsies. I love looking in all of the fancy stores. So many inspiring things!

We shopped around King Street,  enjoyed an excellent lunch, grabbed coffee and treats at Bake House (formerly Baked?), and checked out the outlets before heading home!

turquoise bottles
karate chopped pillows!
what’s that? oh, just a flock of deer on a cake.


Also, have you been to the market in Charleston recently? I haven’t been that way in forever and I didn’t realize that now a big section of it is covered! Awesome!


Thanks for the girls day out, Christy and Jennie!

<3, Liz

hip, hip, hooray for christmas vacation!

This was our first wrapped Christmas gift.

Coincidentally, it’s also the first Christmas gift that Hemingway ripped into.

She is kind of an evil cat, but it really was an accident. The box has an opening and her foot went right through the paper. Still, she shouldn’t have been standing on Daddy Marty’s gift.

Since we had the market yesterday, today is my first real day of winter break!

Coffee brewing, tree lights twinkling, cats wrestling in a strand of garland. It’s going to be a good day. It’s going to be a busy day at home, anyway. This time of year, I don’t like to leave the house. Too much craziness out there. Anyway, there are projects to finish and presents to wrap. I’m excited.

I wish I were completely ready for Christmas, but no, no way. I’ve been buying and brainstorming and working on it since the summer. Truly, there will always be more that I wish I had time to finish. I was talking with one individual (who shall not be named) who was loudly bragging about spending this week buying gifts for Christmas 2012. That’s not really organization, you know. That’s just annoying.

Coffee’s ready. I’m out.

<3, Liz



time flies

Four years ago, we celebrated our first Christmas with Hemingway. She was so tiny!

No, I’m not sure why those glass ornaments are in a bowl on the floor next to a recently-brought-indoors feral kitten. Who knows.

Today I have my fingers crossed for calm students and a fast-paced couple of school days!

<3, Liz

wrap it up, already.

It’s catch-up time! Here’s an annotated version of the past two weeks.

I finally finished that wreath that got started last year. Also, the rest of Christmas is mostly  set up at our house. Except the snowmen. They’re all just kind of in a huddle.

We stayed Thanksgiving evening at my parent’s house. Everyone in our families celebrates at lunch, so dinner usually consists of leftovers from the afternoon. They made sure to save a turkey leg for Forrest. He’s a beast.

AND Fernando returned! Yes, the same Fernando Forrest thought was dead came back! Not like zombie “came back,” he just never died. There was a little confusion about what he actually looked like.

Will the real Fernando please stand up?

Yeah, I’ve been feeding him and yeah, I know that’s not the best idea. But he knows me. When he sees me get out of my car, he meows. He’s our adopted yard kitten.

Also, we roasted a turkey. It felt wild and crazy and like maybe we’re grown-ups now.

And that’s that. I finished my sign language class tonight with a class dinner out. It was silly and fun. I’ve grown to really like the folks in my class over the past few weeks and we all really loved our teacher. Also, sign language is pretty amazing. You can communicate from far away. You can finger spell a name to relay a message covertly. It’s like being a spy but more practical. I’ll be pursuing it further, for sure.

<3, Liz

who let the cats out?

It’s important to me that we make Christmas cards every year. We usually keep it simple, but it is just so much more sweet and personal to have a card that someone made by hand.

This year, Fitz and Hemingway are the stars of our card. So we set up a photo shoot. It’s not easy to get one cat to pose for a photo. Even trickier to get two cats wearing costumes to sit in front of a tree.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We did manage to get one shot with both cats that is fairly subdued and Christmas-cardish. I’ll share that one when the cards we’re mailing have been delivered!

Happy December!

<3, Liz

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The decorations are out in full force! It won’t be long until Liz has transformed our home into a winter wonderland. I do my part by moving boxes, helping with the tree, and bringing home snowman doughnuts! We made a short video of us putting up the tree this year. Perhaps if we have time we can make another one about how much Hemingway and Fitzgerald love Christmas decorations! Enjoy!