“Ms. Clonts, I like your sweater. It looks like the grass on a golf course.”

Kids compliments are funny, aren’t they?

Within a 24 hour period this week, I left my car keys in the front door, slept in my contacts (which never happens), and tried to pour myself a nice cup of coffee before I had actually brewed any coffee. I’m taking all of these as either signs of exhaustion or signs that I’m losing my mind.

I’m just thankful for the weekend at this point. I met my girlfriends for dinner and a movie last night! We ate at Takosushi and then saw The Descendents. I thought it was a really beautiful, thoughtful, well made film. But the lady behind us announced that it was “the worst movie I’ve ever seen,” so I’m thinking it isn’t for everyone. And a place that serves tacos and sushi? How could you go wrong? Thanks for a relaxing, fun end to the week, girls!

<3, Liz


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