Want to know a secret? We are probably less than four weeks from meeting our daughter! Well, I suppose it isn’t much of a secret at this point. My nerves are getting the best of me. I know that everything will be wonderful, but it’s all a bit overwhelming. More on that some other time. […]

i’m starving!

Our dinner consisted of fresh black pepper pasta made by Rio Bertolini’s tossed with sauteed oyster mushrooms from GnomeGrown Mushrooms! Super yummy! And yeah, we ate it on the deck because the weather is just so stinkin’ beautiful I can’t stand to be inside. Rio Bertolini’s has been making and selling amazing pasta in Charleston […]


Gorgeous (and delish) tomatoes from City Roots. Grown in downtown Columbia! Are you keeping up the website Hello Giggles? It was started by Zooey Deschanel (plus a friend) and now a lot of different people are involved with it. Mostly, every once in a while, they host a live streaming kitten cam! It’s pretty adorable. […]


This weekend was phenomenal (and super busy). Here’s the breakdown.. Saturday: Baby shower (Congrats, Kenny and Emily!), a family wedding (Congrats, Tara and Shaun!), and my aunt KK stayed the night with us! That’s my KK, cousin Rachel, and me at the wedding. Actually, Forrest photographed that wedding so I could’ve probably done a little […]