Fitz and Hemingway

I’ve been called a crazy cat lady.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all sorts of animals. We just happen to share our home with the two of the most outstanding cats in the world, Fitzgerald “Fitz” and Hemingway, so it’s easy to be a little biased.

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Fitz and Hemingway love cardboard boxes, toys that jingle, chasing reflections, snacks, long naps, and fighting with one another.

I love dressing Fitz and Hem in costumes and dancing with them.

They prefer to be around Forrest.

<3, Liz

A very good place to start

Hey! I’m Liz and I’ve finally convinced my husband, Forrest, to collaborate on a blog with me. We’ve been married for (nearly) three years and we live in a cozy townhouse in Columbia, SC with our two lovably insane cats and a turtle.

I work as an art teacher and Forrest is a jack of all trades. He works for a company building architectural fountains and also owns/co-owns two small businesses. We both maintain blogs for our work-Forrest has his photography and knife sharpening, while I have my classroom blog, so this is a logical next step, right? Sure.

We love the city we live in, making things, local businesses, the fine arts, kittens (especially ours), good food, our families and our friends. Our life isn’t perfect, but it sure is great and we are so excited to be sharing a part of it with you. Come along for the ride!