bert chairs!

We spotted these bertoia beauties (in terrible condition) outside an antique store in town and ended up scooping them up… Forrest dropped them off with the pros to have them sandblasted and powder coated. Some refinishing projects are better off not in our hands! Good as new, don’t you think? They look pretty groovy in […]


Welp, it’s official. Prepping a house to sell is basically a full time job. The good news is that the paperwork has been signed and we are officially on the market. Our house should be listed on the real estate sites later this week. In the meantime, here’s the sneak peek! In other news, we […]

waxing poetic

So I made a batik with paraffin, muslin fabric, and acrylic paints. Not the most sophisticated technique, I know. Still fun to do. I had it in my mind that I would use this fabric to make pillows for our couch, but I’m pretty sure it clashes terribly with the rug in front of said […]