steady the ship

I don’t get down with resolutions at the beginning of a year. Not because I don’t need/want to change things. I’m really just a flake and I forget to make resolutions. Also, why should I have to wait for the start of a year to commit to something?

So my only real resolution goal this year is to sell our house and move to another. We l-o-v-e this house, but we need a little more space for the cats to run free and maybe a bigger backyard for our tomatoes. We love Columbia and living downtown, so we’ll be looking at houses nearby- no drastic moves.

We met with a real estate agent yesterday. She’s awesome and I’m super jazzed about working with her through this process! That’s why I was MIA this week- I flew home from work every afternoon as quickly as I could to clean and organize. We’ve been donating and cleaning out for a while now, but before this week, selling our house was still an abstract idea. NOW we’ve had an agent check out our house and it’s real and it’s exciting…and it’s a little scary.

So that’s that. I’ll keep you posted on when our house actually goes on the market and we’ll see how it goes!

Hemingway is helping with the packing and the boxes, as usual.

For now, Hunter is over to watch football with F, we’re eating fancy ginger scallion noodles, and cookies are in the oven. Life is good.

<3, Liz

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