This weekend was phenomenal (and super busy).

Here’s the breakdown..

Saturday: Baby shower (Congrats, Kenny and Emily!), a family wedding (Congrats, Tara and Shaun!), and my aunt KK stayed the night with us! That’s my KK, cousin Rachel, and me at the wedding. Actually, Forrest photographed that wedding so I could’ve probably done a little better than a cell phone photo stolen from Facebook. Better luck next time.

Sunday: pajamas all day (literally) and the  Wine and Song dinner at Rosso Trattoria all evening (completely fabulous). Here’s a shot of the band, Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess. They’re from Brooklyn and play really old-timey music. Yes, the girl was playing a washboard and singing! So different and so much fun!

Monday: Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day! Today’s a clean up, recover, and paint the patched drywall day.

Good story, huh?

May your week be short and productive and may your father-in-law email you a list of his best jokes for you to share with your students/friends/cat/anyone who’ll listen.

<3, Liz

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