on high land

To make a long story short, we were desperate for a getaway and very short on time. So we headed up to Highlands, North Carolina for a couple of days. It was perfect and lovely. We stayed in a swanky hotel, ate some amazing meals, did a little shopping, chased nature down some terrifying roads, […]

i’m starving!

Our dinner consisted of fresh black pepper pasta made by Rio Bertolini’s tossed with sauteed oyster mushrooms from GnomeGrown Mushrooms! Super yummy! And yeah, we ate it on the deck because the weather is just so stinkin’ beautiful I can’t stand to be inside. Rio Bertolini’s has been making and selling amazing pasta in Charleston […]


“Ms. Clonts, I like your sweater. It looks like the grass on a golf course.” Kids compliments are funny, aren’t they? Within a 24 hour period this week, I left my car keys in the front door, slept in my contacts (which never happens), and tried to pour myself a nice cup of coffee before […]

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! In keeping with our tradition, we made a list on the chalkboard wall of things to be thankful for this year. It includes (but is not limited to) our families, the cats, barbecue, and the fact that the cats didn’t knock down the Christmas tree overnight. Forrest rustled up these photos of […]


Man, that really steams my buns. hehe. Thanks to the Asian market for a tasty, easy dinner. Last night I officially began work at the All Local Farmers Market as a holiday gift wrapper and shipper. It’s pretty awesome. The Shop Tart mentioned my stand in her post today, which you know, basically means I’m […]