spice combinations, unlimited!

In college, one of my favorite people in the world (aka Sonam) introduced me to Indian food. She led us to “the best” Indian buffet so we could try lots of things. I promptly broke a glass in that restaurant, but the food was delicious.

This is Sonam and me at a wedding a few years ago. Nowadays, Sonam is in Chicago doing her residency. Which is wonderful, but I miss her face!

Enough reminiscing! Tonight, Forrest and I checked out a new Indian restaurant here in Columbia called the Spice Junction. That’s right, folks, the spice combinations are unlimited. It’s in a strange location, but this place was awesome. The family running it was so helpful. The lovely lady behind the counter explained dishes to us and recommended sauces or curries to try with different things. Which is good, because we’re white and inexperienced and no, we really weren’t sure which sauce would go best on those samosas. As it turns out, just about anything tastes good on a samosa.

A steady stream of freshly cooked naan arrived hot at our table throughout our dinner. Perfectly fabulous.

It was all delicious. As Forrest put it “I haven’t tried a single thing that I wouldn’t eat a whole plate of.”

And no, Sonam, I don’t always think of you when I see an Indian. But I do miss you when we eat Indian food.

<3, Liz


Spice Junction is located at 2335 Augusta Road, near Hobby Lobby. I can’t find a website, but when you Google them, several very sweet reviews pop up.

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