hip, hip, hooray for christmas vacation!

This was our first wrapped Christmas gift.

Coincidentally, it’s also the first Christmas gift that Hemingway ripped into.

She is kind of an evil cat, but it really was an accident. The box has an opening and her foot went right through the paper. Still, she shouldn’t have been standing on Daddy Marty’s gift.

Since we had the market yesterday, today is my first real day of winter break!

Coffee brewing, tree lights twinkling, cats wrestling in a strand of garland. It’s going to be a good day. It’s going to be a busy day at home, anyway. This time of year, I don’t like to leave the house. Too much craziness out there. Anyway, there are projects to finish and presents to wrap. I’m excited.

I wish I were completely ready for Christmas, but no, no way. I’ve been buying and brainstorming and working on it since the summer. Truly, there will always be more that I wish I had time to finish. I was talking with one individual (who shall not be named) who was loudly bragging about spending this week buying gifts for Christmas 2012. That’s not really organization, you know. That’s just annoying.

Coffee’s ready. I’m out.

<3, Liz



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