wrap it up, already.

It’s catch-up time! Here’s an annotated version of the past two weeks.

I finally finished that wreath that got started last year. Also, the rest of Christmas is mostly  set up at our house. Except the snowmen. They’re all just kind of in a huddle.

We stayed Thanksgiving evening at my parent’s house. Everyone in our families celebrates at lunch, so dinner usually consists of leftovers from the afternoon. They made sure to save a turkey leg for Forrest. He’s a beast.

AND Fernando returned! Yes, the same Fernando Forrest thought was dead came back! Not like zombie “came back,” he just never died. There was a little confusion about what he actually looked like.

Will the real Fernando please stand up?

Yeah, I’ve been feeding him and yeah, I know that’s not the best idea. But he knows me. When he sees me get out of my car, he meows. He’s our adopted yard kitten.

Also, we roasted a turkey. It felt wild and crazy and like maybe we’re grown-ups now.

And that’s that. I finished my sign language class tonight with a class dinner out. It was silly and fun. I’ve grown to really like the folks in my class over the past few weeks and we all really loved our teacher. Also, sign language is pretty amazing. You can communicate from far away. You can finger spell a name to relay a message covertly. It’s like being a spy but more practical. I’ll be pursuing it further, for sure.

<3, Liz

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