Happy Holidays!

In case you weren’t on our mailing list for cards this year..


Hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays so far! Christmas was a crazy weekend for us. We traveled back and forth between my family (in Florence and Lamar) and Forrest’s family here in Columbia. It made for an eventful, fun celebration! And a lot of holiday sing-alongs in the car.

Over the last two days, we’ve been organizing and cleaning like crazy. Today I watched a little Hoarders while I filled our “donate” box. That show is the best inspiration EVER.

Also, I just finished my first graphic novel. Santa brought the first issue of The Walking Dead (who knew it was a book first?). I read the whole thing in one sitting. Maybe I like graphic novels? Nerd.

Hope your Christmas was relaxing and cheerful! I’ll post photos from our weekend adventures soon. Pinky promise.

<3, Liz


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