i’m starving!

Our dinner consisted of fresh black pepper pasta made by Rio Bertolini’s tossed with sauteed oyster mushrooms from GnomeGrown Mushrooms! Super yummy! And yeah, we ate it on the deck because the weather is just so stinkin’ beautiful I can’t stand to be inside.

Rio Bertolini’s has been making and selling amazing pasta in Charleston for a few years now and the good news is they’ve expanded their reach to Columbia! Forrest has been excited about having them as a new vendor at the All Local Market. And the other day, we chatted up their gnocchi up with some friends and learned that some of their pastas are available at Piggly Wiggly! Awesome!

And these GnomeGrown guys grow some fabulous mushrooms right here in Columbia, SC!

We’re having a few friends over for the finale of The Walking Dead tonight! I can’t believe the weekend is already ending..

Hope the start of your week is successful and calm!

<3, Liz

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