CHAIRity- get it?

The new exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art is chairs. It’s really cool- some are very old and regal, others are super mod. Forrest was invited to take a few photos of donors sitting in the chairs, so his photos are hanging right outside the actual exhibit! Very excite!

On Friday, we gussied up and headed out for the CHAIRity Gala (hehe, get it? …because of the chairs?!). It’s always such a great party- different things going on in every room. Food, drinks, music, performers everywhere. By the end of the night, I had a glittery peacock painted on my shoulder. Pretty fly.

It’s rare for us to go to a party sans camera, so I dragged F into the photo booth. Sadly, though, that boa was only a prop and not really part of my outfit..

My apologies if you’ve been visiting our blog and disappointed lately. We are right on the cusp of some big changes and are super busy. I promise to write more about all of that very soon!

<3, Liz

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