Want to know a secret? We are probably less than four weeks from meeting our daughter! Well, I suppose it isn’t much of a secret at this point. My nerves are getting the best of me. I know that everything will be wonderful, but it’s all a bit overwhelming. More on that some other time.

A couple months ago, Forrest began running again (after years without) and this morning, he finished his first 5K- the Crawdaddy Dash! He made great time and I was super proud when he crossed the line!


Run, Forrest, Run!

<3, Liz


Our family has so much to celebrate this year. My brother, Marty, is getting married in July! I traveled to Atlanta with the ladies in our family for a shower honoring his beautiful bride Susan last weekend.

Super fun!





Also, we got to check out the wedding venue. Isn’t it just like something out of a fairy tale?



We are so excited about officially welcoming Susan into our family soon! I can’t wait to have another sister!  🙂

<3, Liz

bert chairs!

We spotted these bertoia beauties (in terrible condition) outside an antique store in town and ended up scooping them up…


Forrest dropped them off with the pros to have them sandblasted and powder coated. Some refinishing projects are better off not in our hands!

Good as new, don’t you think? They look pretty groovy in our retro kitchen.   😉


<3, L

welcome back!

I was searching through the photos on my computer today and when I opened the “blog” folder, I realized how much I miss Domesticated Artists. In the past nine months (or so), we moved, both started new jobs, and we’re excited to announce that we have a little one on the way! Caroline Eloise will be joining our family in June!




Here she is at 29 weeks old. She held her hand under her chin through all of our 4d ultrasound. We can’t wait to meet this little lady!

And with that, I’m back. Get ready for some cat photos.

<3, Liz

happy halloween!

NO excuses. Life’s been busy lately and I’ve lacked blogging inspiration.
Tonight, we’re watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, eating fancy grilled cheese (cheese compliments of the new Whole Foods!), and waiting desperately for trick-or-treaters! We’re finally in a real neighborhood and we’re excited to have some tiny goblins and fairy princesses on the step!

Happy Halloween!

<3, Liz

so we accidentally adopted a cat.

Meet Roosevelt Clonts. Rosie, for short. You may have read about her here, back when we called her Fernando.

Let me explain. I fed a street cat at old house on Wayne Street and she eventually decided we were her new family. After we had her spayed (through this amazing TNR program), she became super friendly. When we moved to the new house, she continued sleeping on the porch of the old house. Our neighbors are amazing folks and fed her for a few weeks before they started calling to ask if we were coming back for the street cat.

So we relocated her. We thought she would be an awesome outdoor kitty, keeping snakes and creepy things away.


Soon we learned that the cats in this neighborhood are occasionally killed by coyotes (what the what?!) so we got her checked out at the vet and brought her inside with a quickness!

Rosie aka Chunk aka Fernando is officially an inside kitty now. She sleeps at the foot of our bed and loves to wrestle with her brother Fitz. She’s even learning to play with toys! She may have been an accident, but she is pretty wonderful.

<3, Liz

super old people.

When Forrest asked me if I wanted to go to his TEN year high school reunion, I laughed. Yeah, of course I wanted to go, but man we’re getting old! My ten year reunion is next year, so I’m right there with him.

High school was great and all, but I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world. And while it seems like time has flown since then, it’s been a fantastic ten years. No complaints here!

The reunion was fun, by the way. I knew a surprising amount of people and later in the night, the dancing got pretty amazing.

But I can’t help but wonder, are we grown-ups now?

<3, Liz

makin’ dirt.

There’s no denying it, Forrest and his dad are good at building stuff. Also, digging up dead plants, but that’s another story. Here they are piecing together a compost bin for our backyard with old pallets! Awesome.


Maybe this compost will be the answer to all of our grass and plant problems! Oh, and did you know that human hair is great for composting? Gross, eh?

But I feel like we’re making a giant mudpie in the backyard and that feels pretty good.

<3, Liz


My oldest friend Lauren and her husband Keith are expecting a baby in September! I am SO excited.

Lauren’s aunts and sister helped me throw a baby shower to celebrate. We had such fun and Lauren got a lot of fabulous baby gear! That’s a win-win, my friends.

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I can’t wait to see Lauren as a mama- she’s going to be great!

<3, Liz