so we accidentally adopted a cat.

Meet Roosevelt Clonts. Rosie, for short. You may have read about her here, back when we called her Fernando.

Let me explain. I fed a street cat at old house on Wayne Street and she eventually decided we were her new family. After we had her spayed (through this amazing TNR program), she became super friendly. When we moved to the new house, she continued sleeping on the porch of the old house. Our neighbors are amazing folks and fed her for a few weeks before they started calling to ask if we were coming back for the street cat.

So we relocated her. We thought she would be an awesome outdoor kitty, keeping snakes and creepy things away.


Soon we learned that the cats in this neighborhood are occasionally killed by coyotes (what the what?!) so we got her checked out at the vet and brought her inside with a quickness!

Rosie aka Chunk aka Fernando is officially an inside kitty now. She sleeps at the foot of our bed and loves to wrestle with her brother Fitz. She’s even learning to play with toys! She may have been an accident, but she is pretty wonderful.

<3, Liz

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