makin’ dirt.

There’s no denying it, Forrest and his dad are good at building stuff. Also, digging up dead plants, but that’s another story. Here they are piecing together a compost bin for our backyard with old pallets! Awesome.   Maybe this compost will be the answer to all of our grass and plant problems! Oh, and […]

two things

Have you tried one of these things?! They have everything in the world. It’s like going to the Coca Cola place in Atlanta without the hassle of all those tourists. Or the drive to Atlanta. More importantly, my lilac bush is beginning to bloom! I love the spring. It just smells good outside. <3, Liz

a nest

Found this nest out front the other day. Some of those sticks are big! I bet it could’ve supported some chunky baby birds. Matthew, my cousin/our ring bearer, carried a nest down the aisle when we got married. We found his nest in my grandparents’ yard. Nests always remind me of our wedding day! Matthew […]


Earlier I wrote a crazy, ranting post. Then I took a longĀ  nap and deleted it. I was a little too exhausted and it was just a little too crazy. Instead of a crazy rant, here’s my version of our week. Last night, I decided that I wanted to hang with the boys. That is, […]