a busy day and some cookies

On today…

This afternoon was supposed to be super busy and crazy. It didn’t actually turn out that way, though.

I met up with Kiah at the OH! Salon for a hair cut right after work. He gave me a very cool, swingy cut. It’s a lot of layers but they’re staggered in a really different way. It feels good and a lot lighter.

My second afternoon appointment was cancelled and I went straight home from there. Forrest and Marty both work late on Wednesday so the Netflix was all mine. I watched Hello Dolly! and pulled up that cookie recipe I’ve had my eye on all week.

On cookies…

Anson Mills has interesting recipes on their website. They are designed specifically for their products, which are quite different from the grocery store counterparts and have to be prepared in different ways. It makes sense when you remember that many of their grains are “ancient,” all are from South Carolina, and they’re milled in downtown Columbia. Anson Mills rice and grits are the best you can find anywhere and they’re regulars on restaurant menus.

We’ve had a bag of Anson Mills toasted oats in the fridge for a few days and I’d been trying to find a good time/way to bake ’em up.  So this afternoon, while I danced around my house singing along with Barbra, I whipped up some Coconut Oatmeal Cookies and they are super good. Maybe a little sweeter than I expected, but really good.

Anson Mills requests that none of their recipes be reprinted, so out of respect for them, I am only posting the link to the recipe.

I’m not sure if this recipe works with regular oats, but you could try it. Or just do yourself a favor and order Anson Mills oats on the website! Better yet, stop by the All Local Market on a Wednesday evening or Saturday morning to grab a bag!

<3, Liz

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