The cooler weather has me sniffling and popping cold medicine like it’s my job. Bummer.

But on the other hand, it seems a lot more appropriate to talk about Halloween decorations now that it’s officially mid-September. I love Halloween. I love pumpkins and fall decorations.

I convinced Forrest to take the Halloween boxes out of the attic at the beginning of September, but I’ve been busy with work and fighting off the (undiagnosed) swine flu. So not much is actually out of the boxes yet. And no worries, I’ll wait until October to hang that ghost on our porch so the neighbors don’t hate us.

This little witchy on the buffet is just about the only Halloween out in our house so far.

Oh, except for the tombstones on top of the kitchen counters. ..and the other witch on the tv cabinet.. and the pumpkin in the bathroom. Still, there’s much to be done. I’ll keep you posted.

<3, Liz

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