I won’t say that I’m a chicken wing connoisseur, but I DID grow up with a dad from Buffalo, NY, the place that put chicken wings on the map! Every time we’re there, we end up on a quest for chicken wings at some place or another. SO, maybe I lived with a wing connoisseur…that might not be a stretch.

Last night we tracked the 2 Fat 2 Fly Stuffed Chicken Wings truck over to the Vista Grill. They normally operate as a food truck, but recently 2 Fat 2 Fly has been doing events in different locations. They took over the kitchen at the Vista Grill last night and turned out some fabulous chicken wings and other goodies.

STUFFED chicken wings? What could go wrong?

This sweet ride was parked outside!

You order the chicken wings just like sushi. Our order took a lot of very serious concentration.

Forrest has eaten 2 Fat 2 Fly before, so he knew what he liked. I wanted to try EVERYTHING.

Of the chicken wings, we ordered…

Sucka Punch: stuffed with jalapenos, bacon, and cheddar

Smoke House: stuffed with bacon and cheddar, coated in BBQ sauce

Mac N Cheese: stuffed full of macaroni and cheese, smothered with a cheese sauce

Chicken Parmesan: breaded mozzarella inside, coated in a rich marinara and parmesan on the outside

Wingo: stuffed with lots of cheese

AND a side of fried okra. It was epically delicious. (No, my memory is NOT that great- I borrowed a menu.)

THAT is cheese sauce on that Mac N Cheese chicken wing. Hah!

Okay, I don’t usually go for fried vegetables, but Forrest insisted that this okra was great. Look at how beautiful it was on the inside! It was spicy and fresh and lovely! If you’ve eaten a fried veggie before, you know they don’t usually look that way.

Our dinner was amazing. I still feel stuffed (like a chicken wing, get it? hah!).

Also, we destroyed those wings.

2 Fat 2 Fly is a food truck in Columbia, but they frequently have “events” and are in one position for a period of time. Keep up with their location on Twitter, Facebook, or the 2 Fat 2 Fly website.

<3, Liz

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