Artsy Fartsy Fridays: Take 1


We’re beginning a series of posts that will highlight the art in our home. Every Friday, I’ll post a photo and information about the artist and the work. We’re lucky enough to have a fair amount of original artwork by our friends, teachers, and a few local artists.

Forrest thinks we should call this series “Artsy Fartsy Friday.”

Untitled (Wedding Chickens), Ernest Lee

Let’s start with this. We received two of Ernest Lee’s paintings as wedding gifts and we ADORE them both!

Ernest Lee is commonly known as “The Chicken Man” or “The Funky Chicken” around these parts. He’s a folk artist of the best kind who lives and works in Columbia. For years, Lee has set up shop under a tent with his paintings on a street corner downtown. He’s most famous for painting chickens, but he is willing to paint just about anything. He’s a legend in South Carolina and I’m proud to have some of his work in our home.

I teach my 3rd grade students about the “Chicken Man” and they get SO excited about him and his paintings. The chickens look like they’re dancing and, well, kids love dancing critters.

Also, we admired Christine Cannon’s artwork at First Thursday last night. I’m obsessed with her paintings of girls in robot bonnets. Fantastic.

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