First Thursday – July

It’s the start of a new month, and that means First Thursday on Main is back! Instead of trying to tell you what is going to be there this month, I thought I’d show you what was going on last month in hopes of enticing you out to see for yourself this time around. The word on the street is that Cowboy Steakhouse will be open this week as well, so maybe you should come get some dinner, check out some local shops and artists, and enjoy some street performances as well. Here’s a taste of what July had to offer. I didn’t get any shots from Frame of Mind because it was jam packed in there, I’ll try harder this month though.

Liz hanging out inside the Rebus at Anastasia and Friends gallery. We never did find out what the Rebus was.

Some of Alex Smith’s work at Tapp’s. This space continues to grow into a better space every month.

This Sushi display by Thomas Jennings at Tapp’s was awesome. Nicely executed and very playful.

Our favorite work of the night was at S&S Art Supply, this was in the front display window. Who doesn’t like Robot Hats?

These are works by Christine Cannon, a graduate student at USC. Most of her work features robots and dinosaurs (two of my favorite subjects) but have clear messages about them as well. It’s really intriguing work and we are working on getting of her pieces for our house. Be sure to check out her site.

Flaming Hula Hoop. Need I say more?

Don’t worry, extinguishers and fire blankets were flanking the performance, as well as the Fire Chief.

Yes, yes that is a fire whip.

Just imagine if Indiana Jones had one of these! So is that enough to pique your curiousity and get you to Main Street on Thursday night? We’ll see you there.


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