school days and shark week.

Over the last few summers, I’ve spent a lot of time in my classroom working on lessons, organizing the room, prepping instructional materials, etc (teachers, you know the drill). But this summer my school got a new roof (which is awesome) and it put the school on lockdown. We weren’t allowed in all summer so I’m seriously behind. It was nice in a way- it forced me to take a real break from work.

So I’ll be putting in some majorly long days in the next couple of weeks trying to get ready for a new year! Here are my new little classroom plants and the crayon wreath I made for my door this summer. I’m thinking of adopting a fish. Arty the Art Room Beta? We’ll see..

Yeah, I copied a wreath I saw on Pinterest. Are you using that site yet? An ever-changing virtual pinboard? It is amazing. SO many good ideas. Right now I’m inspired to make a bunch of crock pot meals in bags, freeze them, and pull them out over the first few weeks of school for dinners. Brilliant? Yes. My idea? Not exactly. I found a link to this blog on Pinterest. I’m not crazy about her recipes, so I’ll be trying other things, but the idea of cooking meals for a month at once is very smart. I’ll let you know how my attempt works out!

ALSO, have you been watching SHARK WEEK? I love it, but it makes me super paranoid. Rogue sharks=creepy.

As for the lack of posting here recently, our lives have gotten super crazy lately. Hopefully things will be settling down in the coming weeks!

<3, Liz

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  1. So, now I know why Forrest loves you so….you, too, love shark week. Oh my, when I think of all the National Geographic videos about sharks that we rented when he was little. And that he watched over, and over, and over again. Then I could not really imagine the woman who would be up for that kind of fascination, obsession, horror, ….yet you did exist! Thank you, Liz. I am so glad you have each other!

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