friends with tacos.

Truthfully, I’m a homebody. I would rather stay home in my fuzzy socks than go out anywhere. Maybe that’s why I like to entertain here. AND it forces me to clean up…let’s face it, I need a nudge every so often.

My girlfriends came over to watch Clueless and eat tacos last night. Yeah, we quoted the movie a lot. It was good to see everyone and squeeze in a little QT. My photos turned out crazy blurry (I’m still deciphering all of this shutter speed nonsense) and these were the best shots.

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Having a big group over makes me yearn for cooler weather when we could (comfortably) sit out on the deck, but it’ll be a while before that happens in SC. It also makes my mind spin like crazy thinking about moving to a larger home. I spent some time last night explaining to my girls why we need a table large enough to sit twelve (dream big). Right now, I can sit six people at our table nicely- eight if they squeeze like crazy. Obviously, we need more room to better accommodate our friends.   🙂

Beyond last night, it’s been a crazy busy weekend. Friday night we celebrated at a wedding reception for our neighbors at the beautiful Seibels House in Columbia. They got married in Missouri in May and we weren’t able to make it to the wedding, so we were super excited for their South Carolina reception! Congratulations, Sam and JJ! Tonight we’re celebrating Forrest’s birthday with his family. Forrest has been at his parents’ house all day cooking meat, so it should be epic.

<3, Liz

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