she got snails, she knows how to use them..

Hehe. My dad and I saw ZZ Top perform last summer and they were great! That’s off-subject, though.

We have snails. Not on plants or anything, but right outside on the front step when it rains- I never see them any other time! I’ve been researching and learned that snails eat algae and tiny things like that, so I guess that’s what is going on. Do you have a different insight into the mysterious case of the snails?

Cute, isn’t he? I like snails, they’re like little living seashells. So if you come over on a rainy/wet day, watch your step and don’t hurt my snails!

On another note, I found this wreath on Pinterest the other day and I’ve been obsessed with trying to make one ever since. But I can’t get my felt flowers to look nearly that good! There must be a trick. I’ll keep playing with it and let you know if I can make anything worth hanging on the door.

And yeah, that is cat hair on that one flower. Apparently they make great cat toys, too. I found one under the couch this morning.

<3, Liz

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  1. Beautiful snails and flowers! Your flowers look just liker the small ones on the wreath. It looks like the larger ones are made of a separate petals rolled and cupped together and then probably sewn or glued on the back. You can do it!

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