on cats.

Hemingway (who will be 4 years old in September) was diagnosed with heart disease about a year and a half ago. We rushed her to a specialist who did several scans and tests only to tell us that feline heart disease is super unpredictable. Cats with H’s kind of heart problems could live for a month or for ten years, there just wasn’t a way to tell. It’s all genetic, which made me feel better about her being abandoned by her mama. Maybe Hemingway’s mama was sick and that’s why she left her tiny kittens in my in-law’s backyard. Sad, either way.

Anywho, Hemingway is now a super high-maintenance kitty who require two pills daily and a baby aspirin once a week. Just like a person. Thank God for those Greenie pill pockets- H thinks they are AWESOME, so she loves taking her pills.

The point of my story is that Hemingway visited her kitty cardiologist yesterday and she got two thumbs up! The vet tech said she was a perfect angel (shocking, I know) and the vet said that her heart disease has not changed since her last visit! That means that H’s heart disease has not progressed any in a year and a half!! So we’ll keep on with the pills and I’ll bribe her to get in the cat carrier to go back to the fancy vet every year. Here’s hoping that we can keep her feeling good for a long, long time!

Also, we had my brother Marty and his girlfriend Susan over for dinner last night. I love Marty and Susan because they are accepting of my crazies and unnecessary ranting. What else is family for, right?

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