My bad

I just wanted to put together a short post explaining my absence from the blog lately. This summer has been much busier than expected, but in the best way possible. I’ve been experimenting with lighting in photography as well as continuing my coverage for the 701 CCA. In addition to that I’ve picked up a few other unexpected gigs as well. I hope you’ll excuse my absence and I look forward to writing more soon.Experimenting with lighting with Nick Wilson of The Half and Half fame.

I traveled to Jacksonville to participate in the 48 hour film project with several friends from 20 Dollar Soda and Whispering Statues. We picked up a couple of nominations but victory eluded us.

Here is the full crew, sleep deprived, but happy. I’m ready for next year!

This is my favorite shot from Diana Farfan’s opening for The Toy Republic and The Dream Life of Broken Toys. Diana’s work is still on display at the 701 Center for Contemporary Art through the end of this week and is definitely worth the trip to see.

After working with Diana through the 701 CCA I was honored when she asked me to document her current work so she can submit it to other juried shows. I’m also excited because Liz and I are getting one of Diana’s pieces for our home as well!

One thing I’ve really been wanting to work on is food photography and I got the chance with one of Columbia’s newest and tastiest food ventures, the Bone In Artisan BBQ Truck. They have a solid regular menu featuring a few cue varieties as well as a chorizo pimento cheese and chicken salad. They almost always have a special that you just have to order like the pork belly BLTs and tomato pies that they brought to the Tasty Tomato Festival last weekend.

Speaking of the Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival, it was last weekend, and it was awesome! It was held out at City Roots and was a wonderful event. City Roots is our booth neighbor for Mise In Place Sharpening at the All Local Farmer’s Market so I was happy to donate my photo services to cover the festival. Obviously there were great tomatoes, but there was also wonderful local music and vendors as well as some great games for kids. We had a blast and I’m already looking forward to next year.


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