drat the cat.

Well, I was all prepped to just post a photo of these flowers. Aren’t they lovely and yada yada.

Until I left them out in cat territory and Hemingway ate one. She ate the petals, anyway. Luckily, we witnessed this transgression and immediately researched anemones and their potential to kill a cat. The ASPCA doesn’t have them listed as a toxic plant, but we found another random site that lists them as one of the “top five” killer plants for cats.

Luckily, the emergency vet isn’t a far drive. They weren’t totally competent about what to do, but it all worked out. Long story short, she’s going to be fine. “Guts of steel,” Forrest says. We have to force some pink junk down H’s throat every few hours as a precaution and she’s on a bland diet for a few days.

Hemingway seemed totally unaffected by the whole thing. Meanwhile, we were out at the vet’s too late and missed Sleeping Beauty. Which is a bummer, but H is safe and that’s the important part!

What a face!

<3, Liz

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