on democracy and skunks.

Election years make my blood run a little hotter. Why is it that people who know the least seem to talk the loudest? I’m taking preemptive measures to keep myself sane and civil this year. Starting with Facebook. OH, thank you, thank you, Facebook for finally adding that “unsubscribe” button. It’s the only thing saving me from saying something I may regret to people I (usually) love.

In other news, the wilderness management team from the local high school came to work with our second graders this morning. And I got to feel a skunk’s fur! It was just his skin. Hide? Pelt? I don’t know the word, but it was super soft and super pretty. Yep, I petted a dead skunk and I thought it was kind of awesome.

Coincidence that this post is about politics and stinky skunks? Maybe, maybe not.

<3, Liz

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