it’s the most wonderful time

Christmas is out of the attic! The cats are super jazzed for the new perching spots.

We’re going to try a new tree location this year. I’m a little nervous, because the tree will be much more out in the open than it has been in years past. And this is the first Christmas with hardwood floors. No cushy carpet to help out the fallen ornaments.

We’ll see how that goes. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also, I’ve been bugging out for the past few minutes because I was ready to start the dishwasher but I couldn’t find my tumbler from today. I had it on the ride home and I remembered putting it in the side pocket of my school bag. But it was nowhere to be found. So naturally, I convinced Forrest to go out to see if I dropped it anywhere. And my sweet husband did; he was crawling around with a flashlight when he saw it. Wedged into the steering wheel of my car. I have no explanation.

Happy Monday, ya’ll.

<3, Liz

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