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Normally I shy away from discussing things of a political nature online, but this Occupy movement is hitting close to home. Our country is wonderful because (you know, in theory) we can be open about what we believe.

When a non-violent protest is broken up by beating young kids and pepper spraying old ladies, we have a problem. Yeah, I’m sure they weren’t following directions from the cops, but geez.

The Occupy Columbia kids were arrested last night. Thankfully, I’ve not heard of any injuries there. Mayor Steve Benjamin has been super supportive/anti-arrest toward these peaceful squatters. It’s kind of incredible to read his Twitter and hear his opinions on the whole thing.

Lupe Fiasco said it well. “I am a part of the problem; my problem is I’m peaceful.” Yes, I did just quote that. I’m totally gangsta.

<3, Liz

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