Today we traveled to Charleston to visit my favorite rheumatologist.

Aside from that flare a few weeks ago, my joints have been great for the past six months, so this check-up was pretty uneventful. It’s a little inconvenient to drive down to MUSC every few months for appointments, but my doctor and his nurses are so incredible that it’s worth it.

Forrest and I drove down right after lunch for my appointment. Afterward, we headed downtown for a little window shopping and grabbed dinner at Sermet’s Corner (one of our faves) before coming home for the evening. I love strolling King Street, even if it’s just to peek in windows and wander into Urban Outfitters for a bit.

At dinner, I had a yummy chicken and butternut squash ravioli dish and F loved his lavender marinated pork. So much that it turned him into.. a dinosaur?

All in all, a successful day.

<3, Liz

PS- Also, have you ever heard of Kudu in Charleston? Awesome coffee!

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