Sorry for the brief hiatus from the blog, everything got insane right at once.

We had an a-mazing time in Tennessee with the Clonts family over the weekend. It was a non-stop weekend of stories and coffee. I love the mountains in the fall- the leaves, the cooler temperatures, the crisp air. More on that adventure coming very soon.

So, I started a sign language class yesterday! It’s through my district and I’m taking it with another teacher friend. We’ve promised each other to be on our best behavior. Is it dangerous to learn a silent form of communication with your friends? Perhaps, but we’re excited about it. We learned the alphabet yesterday and our teacher encouraged us to practice spelling the words on street signs while we drive. My driving skills probably aren’t good enough for that. I’ll stick to spelling my name over and over for now.

Also, I might have spent the past half hour trying to feed little feral kittens down the street. They are so tiny. I’m pretty sure they could balance on the palm of my hand. You know, if there were the slightest possibility that I could get that close.

That’s all I got. In honor of feral (and plain old insane) kittens everywhere, enjoy this photo of Fitz and me.

It’s funny. We both spend about 90% of our time looking exactly like this.

<3, Liz


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  1. Sign language with a best friend is a wonderful thing. My 8th grade science teacher had us sit girls on one side of the room, boys on the other, each side in alphabetical order. It was the only time in my life I got to sit with my best friend (Moore next to Ott) in class. We both learned the sign language alphabet and “talked” behind our lab desk every day. It was awesome!

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