River Rats

Nick Wilson, of The Half and Half fame, is an interesting character. He’s the kind of person that just seems to make things happen, whether it’s learning Dreamweaver in 4 days to get a summer internship or creating a zip line across a 50ft stretch of river, complete with additional hook ups for toting coolers and bags across. All just so some friends could relax on the river in serious style. Today, I’m talking about the latter of those two.

Nick, Shannon, and I think a few other people (Jeremy?Ken?)  woke up early on Saturday morning to go set everything up so it was ready for a full day of enjoyment out on The Lock. I can’t thank you guys enough for all the effort you put in to this, I think it’s going to make for an incredible summer. Nick and I are already plotting some absurd photo shoots, so bring your best blue steel if you decide to join us.

I believe at the high point there were about 20 people out on the lock, some relaxing and chatting, some fishing, and some leaping from great heights into the refreshing waters of the Congaree. Even Blue Sky appeared on the shore lines towards the later hours! I seriously cannot wait for the next trip! Enjoy these photos from the day, I’ll be sure to take more next time.

Ken convincing Liz she can make it across

Huge thank you to Ken for his patience with Liz. I don’t think she would have made it across without your encouragement. It’s pretty scary getting on the first time. Good luck on your upcoming adventure Ken!

Nick and Shannon are the best hosts. Thanks for arranging the fun and creating the river trolley!

Nick even had this fish waiting for us, though I think it might be a bit uh… old.

Striped Bass caught on the congareeSpeaking of fish, we had some great anglers out there with us, this is just one of the many catches, a nice little striped bass. While the fishing was pretty good, we went with hot dogs for dinner anyway.

Nick jumping in the riverNick may or may not be a show off.

Shannon claims she only jumped in 2 times the last time she was out here, but she’s looking like a pro!

There is a direct correlation between a farmer’s tan and how much fun you can have on the river and I just happen to have a rock solid farmer’s tan.

Best picture of the day! Nate wins the title of best River Rat. He tied the knots that kept my camera from falling to its doom(and thank you to Alicia for insisting that I tie it off!), carried someone on piggyback all the way to the parking lot after they cut their foot, and, as you can see,  had the best style for jumping in the river.

Like a boss!

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  1. This looks absolutely amazing. One of the things I miss most about the south is that you can swim in (most) of the water. In Philly we’re surrounded by rivers and creeks, but you can’t swim in any of them without fear of growing extra limbs.

    Can I request an Instructables-like post on this zip line in the future?

  2. It was amazing! However, there is some concern over some bacteria in the water. Probably just hyperbole, and yeah up there I bet its a bit worse – heavy metals and such.

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