I’m teaching in a summer art program in my hometown of Florence and staying with my parents for the next few weeks. It’s awesome work and the only downside is that I really, REALLY miss my kitties (and Forrest).

Florence is growing in big, real ways and I’m so excited about witnessing it. I’m going to try to document some of that growth here.

This afternoon, I checked out Palmetto Peddlers with my mom. Imagine a warehouse full of antiques and fun stuff. It is awesome- everything from cutouts of the Disney Pocahontas to serious antique furniture and gorgeous depression glass pieces.  This place is really fabulous and they have SO MANY different things. I was impressed by the size of this place and the variety of merchandise sold by the vendors.

Whether you’re a Florentine or passing through, I recommend a stop at Palmetto Peddlers. It’s totally worth it. Here are some of the lovelies we spotted today…

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  1. Liz, I can’t wait to check out the Palmetto Peddler. This looks the kind of place I would love to shop. Thanks!

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