Fact: I love old stuff. I’m inspired by antiques, old family trinkets, furniture, and stories. Recently, I’ve spent a good bit of time digging through antique stores-  usually just looking, rarely buying anything.

I found these in an antique store this afternoon- pretty common, just a few old photos. But every time I stumble onto this kind of thing, it sets my head spinning with stories about who these men were, where they lived, who kept this photo on their dresser. And what kind of person sells family photos? …that brings up even more questions- sadder questions.

I’ve been thinking about this Stephen Nevitt exhibit a lot lately. It was beautiful- paintings based on photos of the women in his family, accompanied by stories of the lives they led.

I’ll be back and forth between my parents house in Florence and our home in Columbia for the next few weeks. I’m teaching in an art program in Flo-town and my parents have been kind enough to let me stay with them on weekdays. Give me a call if you’re in town!

<3, Liz

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