Artista Vista

If you missed this years Artista Vista, you missed quite a show, but don’t worry, we captured a few high lights for you. Artista Vista is Vista Light’s quieter brother. There aren’t any blocked off streets and beer trailers, but there is plenty of wine and eye candy, and by eye candy, I mean Art.

The stand out this year was a group installation series hosted by Jeffrey Day in the Mais Ouis Ltd. building on Gervais. Honestly, the best part about this set up was that most of the artists were there, in the room with their pieces where they were easy to spot and talk to about their work. There were also some worthwhile exhibits at If Art Gallery, 80808, City Art, and Carol Saunders (that is, if you could even make it to the back corner where the exhibit was). Sadly, photography was poorly represented again this year, although we did stumble upon a small iphone photo show. I can’t say I was excited by the images, but the concept was nice with an emphasis on snapshots and the idea that you can’t make a photo without a camera.

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