On the street where we live

I don’t usually go out of my way to chat with strangers, but when I noticed a drawing on a wall and ladders down the street from our house, I did. I swung my car around, parked, and hopped out with my camera. The art teacher in me just couldn’t resist. This encounter could have gone horribly, but instead it was lovely and I had so much fun talking with a painter about the start of his new mural.

It turns out that the Elmwood Park neighborhood, which is just around the way from us, hired a painter to  create a mural based on an old photograph of a street in their neighborhood. The mural is on the side of  a bridge that separates their neighborhood and ours- the bridge on Elmwood that takes you onto I-126. It wasn’t the best looking space  (totally sketchy) and the painting has helped a lot! There is chatter about continuing the mural under the bridge and involving our neighborhood, Arsenal Hill, in the process. Maybe I should start a petition to get the ball rolling.

Sometimes little changes are the best. Forrest and I love our corner of the city, but it is “the oldest neighborhood” in Columbia, so we get excited when fresh things are happening! If you’re in the area and have a chance, drive by to check out the new public art.

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<3, Liz

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