I’m behind, but here’s a little recap of our weekend.

Forrest worked pretty much non-stop over the weekend, photographing Arts and Draughts on Friday, working the market and photographing a wedding on Saturday, and doing more photos for charity event on Sunday.

Back home in Florence, my dad and brother flew off to Buffalo (dad’s home turf) for a Bills football game. So naturally, my mom headed to Columbia to stay with us for a night!

On Saturday, Mom and I had a great lunch at the market, then headed to the Christmas Craftsmen’s Classic at the fairgrounds. We shopped and piddled around all afternoon, then headed home to watch the Carolina game. It’s been a rough season for the Gamecocks so far. Too many injuries.

Most importantly, we took my mama to Cafe Strudel for Hangover Hashbrowns on Sunday morning. They are the bomb.

On top of that, our friends Tim and Joey are in town for a few days from Washington (state) for a wedding! It was wonderful to meet up with them (along with Nick and Shannon) to hang out for a bit on Sunday evening.

And check out this cool pepper thing they brought us from Seattle! So cool (or hot! heheh). Thanks, guys!

That’s about it for me. I’m actually grateful for the time change because (for the time being) I’m not driving to work in the dark! It makes me feel like a real person when I get the chance to see the daylight.

Also, I’ve started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. It’s intense. Maybe too intense for me, actually.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and your week has started wonderfully!

<3, Liz

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