a happier memory

Yesterday, I wrote about the tragedy of September 11th. Now for a happier memory.

Four years ago today, Forrest and I took an evening stroll around the Carolina campus and the SC State House. Forrest had some kind of excuse- wanting to try taking some nighttime photos or something. To me, it was a normal evening and this walk was something we did frequently (still do!).

We were strolling and Forrest asked me if I really thought I could spend the rest of my life with him, I said yes, we kept walking.

On the Gervais Street side of the state house, Forrest got down on the ground under the ruse of steadying himself for a photo. All of the sudden, he’s on his knee and there’s a ring and he’s asking the question. I’m pretty oblivious and responded with “Are you kidding me?”

Not my best moment. I was just shocked!

And things have been pretty wonderful ever since.

That’s my favorite September story.

<3, Liz

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