hipsters and reading.

The Evolution of the Hipster. You’re welcome.


On another note, I started reading The Help over the weekend and listening to The Secret Life of Bees in my car.  I’m loving them both, but they’re both set in the south at the dawn of the Civil Rights movement and I’m getting my story lines mixed up!

I know, I know, I’m late hopping on the bandwagon for both of these books. Between grad school articles and professional books for work, I haven’t had much time for fun reading lately. Any suggestions for great new reads I need to check out?

<3, Liz

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  1. Hi there! I’m a little bit late on the train here, but thought I would comment! I’ve been reading a really cool book lately (it’s my by-the-pool read) and thought I would share. It’s called “The Happiness Project”. Basically, it’s about a lady who has everything she needs and wants: beautiful house in N.Y., great kids, a great husband, but doesn’t feel like she’s ‘happy’. The book is about her journey through the happiness project, and figuring out what her happiness is. It’s pretty darn good- I’m about half way through and loving it!

    Hope you guys are doing well!

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